Imagine perfectly seared steaks with a restaurant-worthy crust, expertly chilled beverages ready for your next gathering, and a kitchen where every meal is a masterpiece. Signature Kitchen Suite (SKS) appliances transform your culinary space into a cooking haven.

SKS appliances fuel your creativity and handle every culinary challenge. SKS appliances equip you for anything, whether it’s a quick weeknight dinner or a large family gathering.

Ready to learn more? Let’s explore the future of cooking with the full suite of SKS appliances.


The Dual-Fuel Pro Ranges

Signature Kitchen Suite Dual-Fuel is an innovative range crafted for passionate home cooks who crave precision and versatility. Let’s take a deeper look:

48-Inch Dual-Fuel Pro Range

The Signature Kitchen Suite 48-inch Dual-Fuel Pro Range with Sous Vide and Induction Model #SKSDR480SIS is a kitchen powerhouse equipped to handle any cooking challenge. As the first of its kind to offer built-in sous vide directly on the cooktop, it allows chefs of all skill levels to achieve perfect, precise cooking without the need for specialized equipment.

The range is a luxury appliance with induction zones that provide rapid heat and precise temperature control, along with Ultra-High and Ultra-Low burners for powerful sears and gentle simmers. A Chromium Griddle adds even more flexibility that’s perfect for everything from Sunday morning pancakes to seared steak fajitas.

Key Features

Built-in Sous Vide: Achieve restaurant-quality results with precise temperature control.

Induction Zones: Quick and efficient heating with superior temperature control.

Ultra-High and Ultra-Low Burners: From powerful sears to gentle simmers, these burners offer unmatched versatility.

Chromium Griddle: Durable and versatile for a range of cooking techniques.

36-Inch Dual-Fuel Pro Range With Sous Vide & Induction

The Signature Kitchen Suite 36-inch Dual-Fuel Pro Range with Sous Vide and Induction Model #SKSDR360SIS brings the revolutionary technology of sous vide to a more compact kitchen setup. This range features a unique combination of gas, induction, and built-in sous vide, making it the only 36-inch model on the market with such capabilities.

This combination offers a diverse cooking experience—from boiling water with incredible speed to maintaining the subtle temperatures needed for sauces and chocolates.

Key Features

Sous Vide, Gas, and Induction: A trio of cooking technologies for ultimate culinary flexibility.

Compact Design: Ideal for smaller kitchens or urban spaces without sacrificing functionality.

Lower Ambient Heat: Reduces the need for an expensive make-up air system, making it easier and more cost-effective to install.

Cooking with Built-In Sous Vide

The Sous Vide feature is a game changer for those who crave perfection in every bite. Sous vide, French for "under vacuum," involves sealing food in a bag and cooking it to a very precise temperature in a water bath. This method enhances flavors, maintains ingredient integrity, and ensures consistent, repeatable perfection. With SKS’s built-in sous vide, this sophisticated cooking technique is seamlessly integrated into your daily meal preparation without the need for additional countertop appliances.

One of the greatest advantages of sous vide cooking is its versatility. From steaks and poultry to eggs and desserts, sous vide is applicable across a wide range of dishes.

Steaks and Meats: Achieve edge-to-edge perfection with a precise internal temperature, ensuring every cut is just as desired, from rare to well-done.

Vegetables: Maintain vibrant colors and optimal textures while enhancing natural flavors.

Desserts: Prepare custards, cheesecakes, and other delicate desserts at exact temperatures, ensuring flawless texture without the risk of cracking or overbaking.

Combining sous vide into the SKS Dual-Fuel Pro Ranges is a game-changer for kitchen efficiency. This built-in feature frees up counter space and reduces the need for multiple pots and gadgets. It also allows home chefs to set the sous vide for slow cooking while using other burners for different preparation steps.

SKS Ovens

SKS Ovens offer precision and ease to enhance your baking and cooking adventures.

Electric Single and Double Ovens: Single ovens and double ovens provide consistent heating and feature multiple cooking modes for everything from baking to broiling.

• Electric Ovens with Microwave: Combine the functionality of a full-sized oven with the convenience of a microwave. These built-in microwaves are perfect for multi-tasking in the kitchen.


Ready to Invest in SKS?

If you are ready to shop for a Signature Kitchen Suite appliance, make sure to explore our selection of products at Mountain High. We also offer a vast selection of other appliance brands, including Cove, Miele, LG, Monogram, and more. Additionally, we offer many other appliances, including dishwashers, washers, dryers, outdoor grills, and more!

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Frequently Asked Questions About SKS Appliances

Who makes Signature Kitchen Suite appliances?

Signature Kitchen Suite appliances are made by LG Electronics. The brand is committed to providing high-quality, precise performance in the kitchen, focusing on innovation and exceptional craftsmanship.

What sets Signature Kitchen Suite appliances apart from other brands?

Signature Kitchen Suite appliances stand out due to their advanced technology and precision. Features like built-in sous vide, dual-fuel pro-style ranges and smart technology distinguish these appliances. They are designed for "Technicureans," a term for enthusiastic home chefs about cooking and technology.

Are Signature Kitchen Suite appliances energy-efficient?

Yes, many appliances in the Signature Kitchen Suite range are designed with energy efficiency in mind. The brand incorporates eco-friendly technologies and practices in certain products, such as Energy Star certifications, to help reduce environmental impact and energy costs.

How can I purchase SKS appliances?

SKS appliances can be purchased through authorized retailers and appliance specialists. For personalized service and a chance to view these appliances in person, customers can visit Mountain High Appliance locations across Colorado, where knowledgeable experts are available to guide you through the selection process.