How to Avoid Kitchen Design Disaster

Before you start demolishing your present kitchen, make sure you know how to avoid kitchen design disaster! Here are a few important tips that you'll want to remember before the renovation begins.


Fluorescent lights belong in the garage. The horrible blue tint that comes from fluorescent lights will make everything from your food to the people who enter it look....unattractive. So try brightening your kitchen with halogen lighting that gives off a close glow to that of daylight. It makes everything and everyone look so much better!

Kitchen Appliances

We know you like to be daring every now and then but don't mix and match your kitchen appliances. It may sound like a good idea in your head but when you see that black dishwasher next to that red oven that sits right below your blue microwave, you just may start regretting that decision. You don't want your kitchen to look disjointed. Use the same or complementing hardware, faucets and knobs to bring the look of the kitchen together.


Clutter comes when there is too much stuff on the counter. If you have adequate storage space you can store away those small kitchen appliances and gadgets when not in use.

Want some help figuring out your kitchen design? Don't forget that Stump the Designer is this Saturday, April 30th. Come and ask any kitchen remodel question you have and take a look around the Mountain High Appliance showroom.