Whether you are a master chef or you just like to dabble in the fine art of cooking from time to time, having a beautiful kitchen elevates the cooking experience anyone has in your home. So, many people ask themselves “how do I choose the right kitchen appliances?” We understand it's difficult to know where to start when there are so many things to consider such as design and price. Follow our guide to becoming a pro at choosing the right kitchen appliances for your home.

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Have a Plan / Blueprint

Having a plan or blueprint means you know a few things before selecting your appliances such as the layout of your kitchen and you have a budget in mind. Make a list of everything you need starting with one side of your list that reflects what you have to have in your kitchen and another list of things that you would love to have but don't necessarily need.

For example, my list might include a French door refrigerator and on the other side of my list I might add Wi-Fi connectivity as a cool feature I might want but don't need.

Next, measure the space in your kitchen where all the appliances will go whether you are simply replacing used appliance models or doing a complete kitchen remodel. Take a look at the Latest Kitchen Designs in 2022 to get a better idea of how you want to design your kitchen.

Function & Efficiency

When you are planning for your brand new kitchen appliances you want to think about the functionality of your appliances. For example, you can shop stove ovens that have different features like Air Fryers or ovens that have convection cooking zone capabilities. Either way, these features are essential when utilizing the space in your home.

Luckily, we have a few options for you to choose from when it comes to kitchen appliances that offer functionality and efficiency.

Ranges, Stoves, Ovens, & Smart Cooktops

A high-performance oven is important to have when it comes to cooking your food quickly and effectively. If you are more of a baker you'll want to look for an oven that has the capability of temperature control, baking, roasting, and broiling.

You'll also want to ask yourself whether you want a gas, electric, or induction cooktop. One major difference to point out is the fact that smart induction cooktops are a time-saver and can heat a pan quicker than both gas and electric. Finally, take a look at the BTU (British Thermal Units) which is the measurement of energy content. High-performance ranges can reach 9,200 BTU and more.

Whirlpool 5.8 Cu. Ft. Gas 7-in-1 Air Fry Oven

The Whirlpool Gas 7-in-1 air fry oven offers functionality and efficiency with its multi-functioning features. No need to preheat your oven you can easily pop in chicken nuggets, fries, and wings to get the crispy flavor you want. The air fry mode circulates hot air around the air fry basket and cooks your food with little to no oil at all. After using the air fry basket simply put the air fry basket in the dishwasher when it gets messy.

Other features include the 7-in-1 oven that gives you the capability to cook however you want. Choose between air fry, convect bake, convect broil, frozen bake, bake, broil, and keep warm cycles. This versatile range gives you the ability to cook anything you need while also keeping your countertops free of other appliances.

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When you start shopping for the best refrigerators it's easy to get distracted by all of the fancy gadgets and features. You should consider how often you and your family eat and cook at home. If you have a big family, you want to take a look at the larger capacity refrigerators so you can preserve your food longer. The more functional and efficient refrigerators offer on-door control, dual refrigeration, and energy efficiency (Energy-Star Certified).

If you are shopping just for yourself and your partner or maybe you don't cook much you may prefer a built-in refrigerator that doesn't necessarily need all of the extra features. Other extra appliances you could invest in could be a mini fridge or wine refrigerator to clear up your main refrigerator space.

LG Smart wi-fi Enabled French Door Refrigerator

The LG Smart Wi-Fi French Door Refrigerator is a great choice for a large family looking for a refrigerator that delivers energy efficiency, capacity, and features. Easily store more with 26 cubic feet of space and take advantage of the Smart Cooling System that is designed to keep your food fresh longer.

Not only that, but you also don't have to worry about fingerprints or smudges when your kids grab the handles. Another cool feature is the dual ice makers that dispense from the door located in the freezer compartment and produce large amounts of ice so you never have to run out to get more ice.

Ventilation Systems & Hoods

Whether you are frying up some bacon and eggs or you have tacos on the menu for the night having a high-quality ventilation system is essential to keep your kitchen and home odor free. Once you selected your cooktop/stove you will want to match the measurements with the hood. If your cooktop/stove is integrated with a grill, griddle, or other heating elements you'll need a stronger ventilation system.

Jennair Euro-Style Stainless Telescoping Downdraft Ventilation

The Jennair hood ventilation system offers powerful performance with a sleek design that will fit right into your kitchen. The sleek telescoping downdraft vent appears at the touch of a button and elegantly retracts back into place when it's not in use.


For homeowners looking for top-of-the-line advanced technology in their dishwashers, you should be looking at energy-efficiency, advanced features, and shorter cycles to help save you money and cut the time in half when it comes to washing the dishes. Again, depending on the size of your family you can choose between counter-top units, small dishwashers, and high-end models.

Cafe Interior Dishwasher with Sanitize and Ultra Wash & Dry

The Cafe dishwasher is the ultimate dishwasher that every household would love. The features include ultra wash and dry that keep your dishes sparkling. The adjustable upper rack with flexible loading makes it easy to move up or down to fit any large platters or tall items.

The wash zones with true half-load in the upper or lower rack are great for whenever you need to wash only a few dishes. Lastly, the Steam and Sani feature helps sanitize and loosen tough soils before your washing cycle starts.

Quality & Brand

Lastly, you'll want to consider quality and brand. When it comes to picking a brand you should always choose a reputable brand that offers more than cool features. You want to choose kitchen appliances that will last a long time in your home and where you won't have to deal with frequently broken parts.

A few of our favorite brands include Bosch, LG, Cafe, Jennair, and Whirlpool. Luckily, each of these brands carries affordable home appliances you can choose from. At Mountain High, we have over 250 live appliances in over 20 kitchens where you can test and see which kitchen brand works for you.

Buying Kitchen Appliances

Now that you have decided on the major kitchen appliances you can want, now you can choose between small kitchen appliances such as coffee makers, slow cookers, toasters, and waffle makers to finish off your unique kitchen design.

At Mountain High Appliance, we have appliance stores located in Denver, Louisville, Littleton, Colorado Springs, and Glenwood Springs. Choose between high-end feature-packed kitchen appliances to simple and affordable home appliances. For discount refrigerators or appliance clearance centers you can visit our Clearance Warehouse in Denver to get discount appliances and take advantage of appliance rebates.