Beko is a new player in the American appliance game. Although you may not be familiar with the brand quite yet, it has actually been around since the mid-1950s. Beko is a part of Arçelik, a Turkish company that is currently one of the largest household appliance manufacturers in Europe.

In fact, Beko is currently the most popular appliance brand in the UK and remains the fastest growing appliance brand across Western Europe. It has sold over 30 million appliances in UK and continues to sell 1.5 million there annually. While it may be a little fresh on the scene in America, Beko has quite an established reputation in other parts of the world and is finding its way into homes across America.

Today, Beko produces appliances that are sustainable with the features to compete against luxury appliances. The appliance brand offers everything you need for your kitchen, including refrigerators, dishwashers, ranges, ovens, and microwaves, as well as washers and dryers for your laundry room.

Now that we’ve covered a little history and established that Beko is clearly well-received in other countries, we’d like to help you become a little more friendly with the brand. Here we review what Beko stands for and what it can do for you to determine just how good Beko appliances are.

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Focusing On Sustainability

What immediately separates Beko from other brands is its focus on long-term sustainability. Beko recognizes that today’s consumer is very conscious about the carbon footprint they leave behind in this world, and so are they.

They want to deliver a product that not only their users can feel good about using every day, but one that they can feel good about producing. In an effort to make this possible, Beko started by making its production plant carbon neutral in 2020.

It continues to invest in renewable energy, recycling, and energy efficiency through a variety of initiatives.

Recognizing that plastic bottles make up a large portion of non-degradable waste every year, Beko developed RecycledTub washing machines which feature recycled plastic bottles in the tubs. It also has RecycledNet ovens that use recycled fishing nets and industrial threat waste to reduce pollution while protecting marine environments.

The brand continues to look for ways to transform plastic waste into high-performance parts.

Giving Back To Communities

Another amazing initiative Beko holds dearly is giving back to communities.

They specifically chose Barnardo’s as their charity partner. Barnardo’s is a charity that has been helping vulnerable families and children across the UK for over 150 years by creating safe and loving home environments for the disadvantaged.

For over 7 years now, Beko has been able to support Barnardo’s by donating over 400 appliances, including dishwashers, fridges, and cookers. Beko was even able to donate over 200,000 pounds directly to support families and organizations.

To help raise awareness for Barnardo’s, Beko employees have run the London Marathon and even turned their appliances green.

Just a few moments of reading through recipient reviews on their website shows just how much of an impact Beko has had on the very community that has supported them the most.

Delivering Luxury Features

It’s time to dive a little deeper into the products Beko delivers. For starters, Beko offers appliances with high-end features at better price points than its competitors. Here we review just a few of their appliances along with the features you can enjoy.

Refrigerators. Beko made its name with refrigerators. Today, it offers refrigerators in the different styles and sizes needed to match any kitchen.

Beko refrigerators feature NeoFrost technology which means they have 2 separate coolers allowing the refrigerator and freezer to operate separately for efficiency and preventing odor transfer.

Other features include Everfresh with blue light technology to preserve fruits and vegetables for up to 30 days longer, an internal water dispenser to keep the exterior looking sleek, and ionGuard to eliminate odors without using harsh chemicals.

Dishwashers. Even though they haven’t been on the American market for very long, Beko dishwashers are already competitive with Bosch dishwashers.

With decibels as low as 39dBa, you won’t even notice when it’s operating. Unlike other dishwashers, Beko dishwashers have a spray arm that rotates on a movable axis to reach every corner.

Similarly to refrigerators, Beko dishwashers also have ionGuard to remove odors gently and naturally without harsh chemicals.

Ranges. Beko slide-in gas ranges take full advantage of their available space and feature a continuous grate that takes up the entire cooking surface area.

The oven includes a large capacity with a telescopic rack that extends all the way out. It also features convection technology to speed up cook times and result in perfect doneness.

Washers & Dryers. Beko washers feature AquaTech technology which uses the power of water to produce a quicker, more gentle washer while Beko dryers offer a ventless heat pump to conserve and reuse hot air.

Despite their space-saving design to fit in a small apartment or your closet, Beko compact washers and dryers have plenty of room and can even wash up to 14 towels at one time. Plus they are able to stack on top of each other without any extra hardware!

We could go on and on about all the amazing features Beko has to offer!

What Else Makes Beko Good?

We’ve reviewed the unprecedented steps Beko has taken to become sustainable, how it gives back to its community in a major way, and the high-end features it delivers to make your life better.

Another advantage to choosing Beko over its competitors is its 2-year warranty. The industry standard for appliances is a 1-year warranty, so Beko is offering an added year of protection and assurance.

Additionally, Beko has been good at keeping inventory despite inventory issues from the pandemic. This means it's more likely you can get a full package of Beko appliances at once instead of having to wait an unknown period of time for your appliances.

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