The crisp, cool mornings let us know Fall is in the air! School is back in session and you’re probably starting to see ads and TikToks about Pumpkin Spice Latte already.

There’s something internal that makes us start to shift from hot summer days out on the lake and soaking up the sun to hot apple cider, hayrides, and carving pumpkins with our kids.

You know, Sweater Weather!

Halloween is first on the list for the Fall holidays and we couldn’t be more thrilled! Halloween can be a magical time of seasonal shifts and embracing some of the underrated things in this world, such as spiders and bats, dead leaves, and old houses.

It’s also a wonderful time to come together and celebrate the season with a dinner party highlighting fun and delicious foods.

Here we have included a list of fun, creepy Halloween Dinner Party ideas for the whole neighborhood! We also go into detail about home appliances such as refrigerators, deep freezers, and built-in coffee makers that make hosting a dinner party more convenient.

halloween treats

Halloween Dinner Recipe Idea

Adding that spooky touch to your Halloween menu just takes a little creativity. Here are a few fun creepy Halloween dish ideas that’ll spook your partygoers (in a fun way).

Mummy Hot Dogs or Jalapeno Poppers

Whether it’s hot dogs or jalapenos poppers, turning your appetizers into mummies is always a good idea. We love this idea of using premixed croissant batter from a can to wrap around your foods to imitate mummy linen.

Add a couple of cute, edible eyeballs and it’ll almost be hard to eat these adorable mummies! Almost. Plus it’s so simple, even the kids will love piecing them together.

Click here for Mummy Hot Dogs or here for Mummy Jalapeno Poppers.

Spider Cheeseballs

They’re creepy. They’re crawly. And they’re super delicious! These Spider Cheeseballs are another simple creepy Halloween dish idea that you can make in a jiffy. Just add a few spices to your goat cheese and cream cheese mix, roll into balls, and cover with black sesame seeds. Add some pretzel legs and a side of grapes and voilà! The perfect Halloween appetizer recipe on their own or added to a charcuterie board.

Click here for the Spider Cheeseballs Recipe.

Eyeball Caprese Bites

The rich flavors of mozzarella cheese paired with juicy cherry tomatoes and flavorful basil leaves always make for an excellent appetizer.

These Eyeball Caprese Bites feature the same ingredients with just a little reorganizing (and a lot more nerves to the stomach!). Use a small hole puncher to turn basil leaves into pupils!

Get the Eyeball Caprese Bites recipe here.

Swamp Juice

No Halloween meal is complete without a refreshing drink straight out of the swamp. Grab your glass and scoop up some of this muck featuring just 3 ingredients; lime sherbert, frozen limeade, and a few bottles of Sprite.

This foamy concoction is made extra spooky when you add gummy worms, spiders, and eyeballs!

Make your own Swamp Juice here.

Halloween Decoration Ideas

The key to creating the perfect Halloween ambiance is tossing in a few DIY details that are slightly creepy, not cheesy, and still have a nice aesthetic. That’s right, we’re about to pull off a little magic!

Cut Out Bats

Did you know a group of bats is called a cauldron? Tell me that isn’t perfectly suited. It’s like bats were created for Halloween.

Now create your own cauldron of bats in your house with a few pieces of black paper and scissors! Cut them out and tape them to a blank area in your house so it can look like a swarm of bats is escaping through your home.

Snag a free bat template here.

Glitter Pumpkins Are Nice Too

Your Halloween decor doesn’t have to include just spooky decorations. You can add a magical touch to your Halloween decor by adding something beautiful to all the creepiness.

One easy DIY way to do this is by painting or covering a pumpkin or jack-o-lantern in glitter. Use paint colors like black, white, or even striped to match Beetlejuice.

You can also use spray glue and beautiful glitters in silver, gold, orange, or black to create a magical pumpkin.

Get ideas here.

Welcome Guests With A Spooky Wreath

Start the spooky experience right at your front door with a creepy DIY wreath, like a spooky spider web wreath.

Just snatch up 3 sticks from outside and tie it all together with some white t-shirt yarn or any yarn you want.

Glue on a small stick for hanging, add a spider, and follow these steps.

Adjust The Lighting

Dim the lights to create a spooky Purchase some battery-operated LED lights in multiple colors or Christmas lights in Halloween colors to light up things throughout your house to add that depth and eeriness.

Toss an LED light into a house plant, add some orange Christmas lights behind a hutch, and watch your whole house come alive in Halloween color!

halloween squash dinner

Appliances Are A Dinner Party’s Best Friend

Of course, a creepy Halloween dinner would be impossible without all those nifty kitchen appliances, from refrigerators storing your foods and ovens cooking your dishes to the dishwasher handling the clean-up.

But since we’re on the topic of celebrating underrated things, here are a few underrated appliances you wouldn’t expect to be extremely helpful for hosting.

Deep Freezer

An underrated appliance that can really help you during the holiday hosting season is a deep freezer.

Refrigerators can quickly get full when it comes to stuffing your holiday party ingredients in with your weekly groceries and kid’s lunch items.

Deep freezers are the backup you need for prepping meals ahead of time, having ice readily available for drinks, and storing up bulk foods when you’re ready to hibernate for the winter.

Shop our selection of chest freezers and upright deep freezers from some of the industry's top-leading brands including Samsung, LG, Whirlpool, and more.

Built-In Coffee Maker

Another amazing (though perhaps underrated) appliance for dinner parties and the holidays is a built-in coffee maker.

These beautiful appliances make your home look more chic than any Italian coffee shop and deliver incredible drinks. Offer your guests their favorite coffees, from espresso to macchiato to cappuccinos with just a few clicks of a button.

You could even try out this Starbucks Vampire Frappuccino and Monster Cappuccino for your creepy Halloween dinner.

Shop our selection of built-in coffee makers to make a perfect cup of coffee.

Choose Mountain High Appliance For the Holidays

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