Luxury kitchens have become the standard in upscale homes. From professional gas ranges to built-in refrigerators to double wall ovens, luxury appliances are a top selling point for homebuyers.

Today’s homeowner spends more time than ever before in their kitchen, now viewing the kitchen as a place of experience than just means to an end so they want a space to provide that creative freedom.

Best High-End Luxury Appliances

Luxury kitchens allow homeowners to explore their culinary ambitions and create masterpieces as if they’re Da Vinci painting the Mona Lisa. Luxury appliances are able to provide an experience each time that they’re used, whether its turning a solid metal knob or gently pulling out a roast on a soft-glide rack or finding perfectly dry, crystal-clear glasses when you unload the dishwasher.

Plus they look dang good doing it too. Luxury appliances create a custom look with their built-in fit, sleek lines, and robust details.

But luxury appliances are more than just an indulgence. They are an investment.

As you may already know, these high-end appliances cost more than conventional appliances. That is because they are built from durable materials and designed to last around 20 years, over twice as long as their mid-range counterparts.

Although they have a higher upfront cost, they can save you money in the long run by not having to be repaired often or replaced. They can also be a selling point when you go to sell your house, adding value to your home.

Here we review the top 5 best high-end appliance luxury brands to purchase from when building your next luxury kitchen.


Best Known For: Star burners & column refrigeration

Who Are They?

Thermador is part of the BSH Home Appliances Company and recently celebrated 100 years of innovation and performance. Thermador started with a focus on portable, built-in heaters during a time when most homes didn’t even have electricity. In 1947, the company introduced the first wall oven and pro range for residential kitchens.

Today, Thermador delivers bold design, exceptional innovation, and unmatched performance in the kitchen. Thermador appliances are inspired by everything culinary to empower you to create unforgettable experiences.

Thermador offers a large line of professional ranges, wall ovens, cooktops, dishwashers, refrigerators and freezes, warming drawers, and more.

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thermador kitchen


Best Known For: Built-in refrigerators, pro ranges, & dishwashers

Who Are They?

Sub-Zero, Wolf, and Cove are all sister companies in each main kitchen category; Sub-Zero specializes in refrigeration, Wolf focuses on cooking appliances, and Cove is all about cleaning the dishes. This allows each company to be single-focused kitchen specialist, excelling beyond the expectation in each category.

The Sub-Zero company first started in Wstye Bakke’s basement when he invented his own freestanding freezer and eventually launching the Sub-Zero Freezer company in 1945 when he introduced the first system of preserving food at ridiculous low temperatures, quite literally sub-zero.

Today, Sub-Zero refrigerators are a monument to food preservation. You probably recognize its built-in refrigerators from mainstream movies anytime they show an upscale apartment or home. They are defined by their robust stainless steel exterior and upper ventilation that extends practically to the ceiling.

Eight decades later, Sub-Zero introduced Wolf cooking appliances with an impressive fifty-product launch. With the experience in commercial kitchens, Sub-Zero applied what it learned about technology, durability, and design to create the ideal kitchen companion to Sub-Zero refrigeration. You can recognize Wolf appliances by their signature red knobs, a staple in luxury kitchens.

Cove recently joined the team in 2018 after decades of research, testing, and technology to deliver clean and dry dishes with every wash. Cove encompasses the same spirit of quality and innovation as Sub-Zero and Wolf. Cove dishwashers are defined by their sleek exterior, interior blue LED lighting, and interior green accents.

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Best Known For: Ranges

Who Are They?

Signature Kitchen Suites is a new luxury brand developed by global appliance leader LG Electronics. The high-end brand creates luxury appliances that bring together technology and culinary innovation for the Technicurean lifestyle.

They developed the only pro range with built-in sous vide and supported it with multiple modalities, ranging from induction to gas to steam, allowing you to prepare meals to perfection. The brand embraces a new generation of forward-thinking cooks that are as passionate as food as they are of innovation.

Signature Kitchen Suite embraces a new generation of forward-thinking cooks, combining their passion for food with their appreciation of innovation. We call them, Technicureans.™ And we are keeping them True to Food with the best built-in appliances, featuring leading-edge technology that provides more flexibility to prepare food in the best possible way.

The brand features a first-of-its-kind design center in the heart of Napa Valley that was specifically designed to encapsulate its True to Food™ philosophy.

It features product experts and onsite chefs to provide hands-on education, as well as partnerships with local produce farms and wineries to provide a world-class culinary experience.


Best Known For: French Door Built-in Refrigerator

Who Are They?

Monogram is the luxury line from GE Appliances, one of the largest leaders in the industry. In December 2013, GE unveiled its first Monogram French door built-in refrigerator featuring a unique design unlike any other French door refrigerator to surpass expectations.

Today, Monogram continues to redefine the world of luxury appliances through its extensive research, dedicated craftsmanship, and rigorous testing.

They source the highest quality materials to deliver a product that is built to last. Monogram gathers its inspiration from many industries, such as the aeronautics and automotive industry to produce its unscratchable sapphire glass on their cooktops to the commercial-grade stainless steel on their refrigerators.

Through rigorous testing, Monogram learns the limits of their appliances and push them even further to deliver a product even professional chefs would be wowed by.

Lastly, Monogram makes it an enjoyable experience to own one of its appliances by providing unparalleled service and ensuring your appliances receive first-class maintenance. Monogram recently released two new collections - the Minimalist and the Statement collection - to perfectly match your kitchen and personal style.

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Best Known For: Professional ranges

Who Are They?

Viking Range originated in 1987 and has over 40 years of leading, starting with the first professional-grade range for residential homes. It was acquired by The Middleby Corporation in 2013 and introduced over 50 new award-winning products, featuring advanced cooking technologies that were once only used in commercial kitchens.

The brand took cues from leading restaurant kitchens from around the world so you can use the same features as professional chefs. Viking continually improves the quality, performance, and functionality of its refrigerators, ranges, and dishwashers.

Now people from all sides of the spectrum, from celebrities to chefs to home chiefs, all love the Viking experience. To seal the deal, Viking has restructured its customer service team for faster responses and improved customer satisfaction.

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