I’m sure we all have someone in our lives who is always happy to welcome us into their home and graciously host every dinner party, game night, and holiday festivity. Hosting is a full-time job and can at times be tedious, having to provide food and drinks for your guests, ensure the ambiance and decor are set, curate the perfect playlist, and let’s not forget about the hassle of cleaning up after your guests have left (not fun).

We have identified some of the best gift ideas for our cherished party-hosting friends and created this nifty gift guide to help you find the perfect holiday gift for hosts. Keep reading to discover the best gift ideas for the host in your life.

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Charcuterie Board

A trendy classic that they are sure to love, a charcuterie board is practically an essential item for anyone who loves to host. Take it from us, you can never have too many boards as multiple ones are normally used at once to showcase different types of foods. We recommend the Ilve Chopping Board, and it’s easy to see why.

Measuring 18.11'' L X 11.02'' W, the Ilve Chopping Board has an abundance of space for you to bring your creative charcuterie ideas to life. Not only does the board have a universally appealing design, it also doubles as a sturdy cutting board.

With 15/16" of thickness, it seats spectacularly well into a griddle for easy cooking! This board is ideal for any host who not only has a charcuterie obsession (don’t we all?) but also loves to cook.

Pizza Oven

This one might indirectly be a gift to yourself but hey….. we don’t judge. Gifting a pizza oven is unique, fun, and means that you will get to enjoy delicious homemade pizza every time you pay them a visit! This is what we call the gift that keeps on giving.

With all the pizza ovens on the market, it’s important to make sure you are gifting a high-quality oven that is both convenient and will last a lifetime. The Kalamazoo Countertop Artisan Fire Pizza Oven checks both of those boxes and is also visually appealing with a sleek and modern design.

This countertop pizza oven has the ability to cook delicious artisan pizzas in just two minutes. Delivering the heat intensity of a wood brick oven, the Kalamazoo cooks pizzas at 800 degrees Fahrenheit while ensuring the precision of a gas flame. Its compact design allows for convenient portability and easy storage.

Coffee Maker

For most of us, coffee is an established if not religious part of our daily routine, in other words, you would be gifting liquid joy. The Miele CM MilkPerfection Countertop coffee machine will without a doubt go above and beyond to craft the perfect customized coffee again and again.

Complete with WiFi Conn@ct, programmable user profiles, and a massive range of specialty coffees to match every taste, the Miele is truly a brew-tiful machine for coffee lovers. The endless high-tech features give the user maximum freedom to fully customize their beverage.

Transforming the user into a barista with the touch of a button, this machine allows you to tailor every experience from the amount of milk froth you would like to the ground quantity and so much more.

Specialty Knives

Specialty knives make a thoughtful and highly practical gift for anyone who enjoys being in the kitchen and preparing exquisite meals. There are a wide variety of especially knives when it comes to cooking so we decided to focus on the perfect knife for those who love hosting barbecues.

This exclusively designed Kalamazoo Brisket Knife is skillfully hand-crafted in Seki City, Japan, and comes with a stylish tailored leather sheath. With a sharpened 13-inch san mai blade and hollow ground dimples to reduce friction, this blade cleanly carves thin brisket slices with masterly precision.

Beverage Center

Every host needs a good beverage center to enhance the entertainment experience for their guests. Depending on what they prefer to drink you can tailor the type of beverage center to match their drink preferences. We have two distinct yet undeniably amazing beverage centers that will make excellent gifts.

The Subzero Legacy Model 24" Undercounter Wine is a technologically advanced wine preservation and display case. Expertly designed to combat against humidity, temperature, light, and vibration, this stunning appliance will protect your wine and ensure it maintains its peak drinking condition.

Featuring LED lighting, the Subzero legacy wine cooler comes with six sturdy racks and holds a total of 46 bottles. Inventory tiles are also included to help you easily locate specific bottles and encourage efficient organization.

Our next beverage cart recommendation is the Subzero Legacy Model - 24" Undercounter Beverage Center and for good reason. This refrigerator is the perfect place to store all of your cocktail ingredients while ensuring they stay fresh, making this the ideal gift for mixology/cocktail lovers.

With its compact and visually appealing design, this refrigerator can easily be moved around and looks amazing anywhere. It’s also great for storing favorite party beverages like soda, sparkling water, beer, and seltzers.


Cookbooks are extremely handy and functional tools that every good host should have as they ensure you always have various trusted recipe ideas on hand to prepare for guests. Ideally, we recommend having multiple books on various different types of cooking styles and cuisines for you to choose from.

A must-have for every cookbook collection is the Kalamazoo Food + Fire Grillmaster's Cookbook. This cookbook features around 170 amazing recipes for every preference and skill level, tailoring their recipes to showcase the best of popular outdoor cooking techniques such as grilling, smoking, and pizza-making.

You will be able to successfully prepare delicious appetizers, kebabs, tacos, burgers, steaks, ribs, fillets, roasts, poultry, pizzas, sides, and desserts like a grill master in no time!

Want To Explore More Gift Ideas?

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