If you're on the hunt for a new laundry set and want to free up some space in your laundry room, a stackable washer and dryer unit could be an excellent choice for you. But, what exactly is a stackable washer and dryer? In this article, we'll explain what they are, their advantages, and their potential drawbacks.

Additionally, our experts will share a set of featured models you should consider if you opt for one of these. Let's find out if these compact units are the right fit for your laundry needs.


What Is a Stacked Washer & Dryer?

A stacked washer and dryer, often referred to as a laundry center, is a space-efficient solution that combines two essential laundry appliances into one vertical unit. Unlike traditional setups where the washer and dryer are placed side by side, stacked units are designed to maximize space without compromising functionality.

How do they differ from the conventional side-by-side models? Well, it's all about verticality. Stacked units have the dryer positioned above the washer, utilizing upward space rather than the typical side-by-side arrangement.

It's important to note that front-load washers can join the lineup. These washers, known for their efficiency and water-saving features, are compatible with stacking arrangements. By placing a front-load washer beneath a compatible front-load dryer, you maintain the vertical space-saving advantage.

This stacking setup is not only space-efficient but also offers the benefits of front-load washing technology. Front load washers are appreciated for their larger drum capacity, better water extraction, and overall energy efficiency. So, if you're considering a stacked laundry unit, incorporating a front-load washer into the mix can be a smart choice for an effective and compact laundry solution.

Benefits of a Stackable Washer & Dryer

Space-Saving Benefits

One of the primary advantages of stacked washer and dryer units is their ability to save space. In compact living spaces like apartments or closets, maximizing every square foot is crucial. Stacked units capitalize on vertical space, leaving room for other essential items.

Energy Efficiency

Featured stacked laundry units boast energy-efficient features. With advanced technologies, these units not only save space but also contribute to a more eco-friendly laundry routine. Energy-efficient models can reduce both water and electricity consumption, making them a sustainable choice for environmentally conscious consumers.

Installation Flexibility

The installation flexibility is another notable pro. Stacked units can be installed in various locations, from tight closets to small utility rooms. Their adaptability makes them suitable for a wide range of living situations, providing convenience without compromising performance.

Cons of Stacked Washer Dryer

Lower Capacity

While stacked units excel in space-saving, they do come with a trade-off: limited capacity. The vertical design means that the dryer drum is often smaller than that of standalone dryers. This may require more frequent loads for larger households, potentially impacting efficiency. This also applied for setups with a front-load washer and dryer.

Potential Maintenance Challenges

Maintenance can be a consideration with stacked units. Accessing the components for repairs or routine maintenance may be more challenging due to the vertical stacking. However, advancements in design have addressed many of these concerns, making maintenance less of an issue with newer models.

Cost Considerations

Stacked washer and dryer units may have a higher initial cost compared to traditional setups. However, it's essential to weigh this against the space savings and potential long-term energy savings.

Should You Buy a Stacked Laundry Unit?

The decision to invest in a stacked laundry unit depends on various factors. Consider the available space, your laundry habits, and the specific needs of your household. Stacked units are an excellent choice for smaller living spaces, providing a practical and efficient laundry solution. However, larger households with higher laundry demands may need to weigh the trade-offs carefully.

Featured Models

Whirlpool 1.6 Cu.Ft Electric Stacked Laundry Center 6 Wash Cycles And AutoDry™ (WETLV27H)

Why We Like It:
Enjoy the space required for effortless washing of daily loads with a washer boasting a 3.5 cu. ft. capacity. Optimize your drying experience with a selection of 4 drying cycles, including normal, delicate, air-only, or timed dry options. The AutoDry Drying System is incorporated to prevent overdrying by sensing when clothes attain the correct moisture content, automatically stopping the cycle.

The durable white porcelain basket not only maintains the aesthetic appeal of your washer but also makes it durable. Experience dual-action cleaning and the convenient dispensing of fabric softener; simply fill the cap with softener before the cycle starts for optimal results.

Maytag Front Load Washer (MHW5630HW) & Front Load Electric Dryer (MED5630HW)

Why We Like It:
Maytag brings you the convenience of stacking with this washer and dryer set. This space-saving configuration is complemented by a range of advanced features designed to enhance your laundry experience. The internal heater in the washer adds a powerful boost to detergent by increasing water temperature, making it more effective against stubborn stains. Enjoy the quick wash cycle, cleaning small loads in just 15 minutes with extra high-spin speeds.

Additionally, the Maytag dryer offers advanced moisture sensing, which monitors inside moisture and air temperatures, ensuring even drying for your loads. The quick dry cycle provides the flexibility to dry small loads quickly or customize settings for more time.


Get Your Laundry Appliances at Mountain High

Stacked washers and dryers are a great solution for those seeking space-efficient laundry appliances. If you need assistance finding the right model for you, make sure to contact our appliance experts at Mountain High, or visit us at one of our appliance store locations in Colorado Springs, Denver, Glenwood Springs, Littleton, or Louisville. We offer a great collection of laundry solutions, including front-load washers, top-load washers, electric dryers, gas dryers, and more!

Frequently Asked Questions: Stacked Laundry

Are stacked washer and dryer units suitable for large families?

Yes, while stacked units have limited capacity, they can still be suitable for large families with careful planning and organization of laundry loads.

Can stacked units be installed in tight spaces like closets?

One of the key advantages of these units is their installation flexibility, making them ideal for tight spaces, including closets.

Do stacked washer and dryer units require special maintenance?

While maintenance is essential, many modern stacked units are designed for easy maintenance, with advancements to address potential challenges.

Are stacked laundry units more expensive than traditional sets?

Initially, stacked units may have a higher cost, but the long-term savings in space and energy efficiency can offset this investment.

Can stacked units be used in homes without dedicated laundry rooms?

Certainly, the adaptability of stacked units allows for installation in various locations, including homes without dedicated laundry rooms.

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