Do you have enough refrigerator space? If your house has a lot of mouths to feed, having a refrigerator without enough space can quickly become a problem.

Refrigerators are able to keep your foods at the right cool temperature by moving cold air around the cavity. A refrigerator that's jam-packed with groceries won't be able to keep food consistently cool and your foods will actually spoil faster.

If you're struggling with refrigerator space and ready to upgrade, you may be wondering "What size fridge should I buy?"

Here we discuss how to find the right size refrigerator for your specific house so your foods can stay fresher for longer.

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The Refrigerator Calculation

Determining how much refrigerator capacity you need starts with a simple calculation. As a general rule, you need about 4-6 cubic feet per person in your house.

Yes, even per child (from breakfast foods to school lunches to after school snacks, they can take up just as much space as an adult). Next, just multiply 5 cubic feet per person. For example:

Recognize Your Lifestyle

Although the refrigerator calculation is a good start, it is a pretty broad range for capacity. When shopping for any appliance, it's important to consider you and your household's lifestyle to find a unit that suits your needs.

For your refrigerator, you will want to consider your shopping habits, traditions, and more. If you like to make monthly trips to Costco or Sam's Club to fill up on bulk food, you may need a few extra cubic feet of refrigerator to accommodate that amount of food at one time.

If you regularly host large events such as dinner gatherings and the holidays, you may need a little more space and flexibility inside the fridge.

Additionally, if you are a family of 4 and already have 20 cubic feet and it clearly isn't enough, toss in an extra cubic foot per person and error on the high end of your capacity range.

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Opt For Better Storage

No matter what space you determine you need, make the most of it with smart storage that is flexible to your lifestyle.

If you love baking cakes or hosting Thanksgiving, find a fridge that has adjustable shelves to accommodate large items. If you have a bunch of hungry kids after school, an extra snack drawer can be your perfect companion.

If you love getting up before the kids to enjoy a peaceful coffee, opt for a fridge with How Water Scheduling for your coffee press or a built-in Keurig System.

Today's refrigerators have so many options and features to make your life more convenient, it's absolutely worth finding one for you.

Consider An Additional Freezer

If you have a large family or looked at your lifestyle and determined you need even more space, you may want to consider an additional deep chest or upright freezer.

A freezer can allow you to prepare a lot of frozen meals, store large amounts of meat, freeze your garden's harvest, and so much more while freeing up some space in your refrigerator and refrigerator's freezer.

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