The Coronavirus Impact
Issue #3: Tips for Buying an Appliance RIGHT NOW

As we've discussed in previous issues, kitchen and laundry appliances are in short supply, and will be for several more months, due to basic supply and demand issues. SUPPLY = Manufacturers have struggled to recover from factory closings and production changes to implement COVID-19 safety protocols to protect workers. DEMAND =  Back in the spring, as people began sheltering in place, Americans took a closer look around their kitchens and laundry rooms and started ordering replacements and upgrades for their appliances. “Backorders are still very high,” says Maureen Ledwell, General Merchandising Manager at Mountain High Appliance. The situation, she says, “may not be better until April 2021.”

If you CAN’T wait to purchase—or just don’t want to—here’s our insider advice for getting an appliance now at the best possible price, PRONTO.

Try an independent retailer.

Local independent retailers can offer selections comparable to those of big-box stores, thanks to their membership in cooperative buying groups. They also provide a superior level of service to their clientele, not just in selling the product but also in the hand-holding and support after the purchase. Buying local also means buying personal. Mountain High Appliance, for example, is staffed with experienced, knowledgeable salespeople who specialize in major appliances, and will always provide honest information about delivery times and product availability.

Prioritize your must-haves.

When inventory is limited, it helps to be flexible with features. “In an attempt to improve lead times, many of the large appliance manufacturers have narrowed their sku production to focus on the models that provide 80% of their volume.,” says Ledwell. Look into purchasing those models first for the fastest delivery times.

Consider a model with cosmetic flaws.

Discontinued floor models, or scratch and dent appliances that may have slight dents or cosmetic flaws, are almost always available and are sold at discounted prices. Mountain High Appliance also has access to “Factory Blem” refrigerators. Ledwell explains, “The definition of a “blem” is that it is brand new, on a pallet, full factory warranty, just a slight blemish, usually undetectable to the eye, and wouldn’t have any impact on performance.”

Get in line.

When you find the appliance you want, go ahead and order it. This at least gets you in the que for delivery. The longer you wait, the longer it will take to have it in your kitchen. Call us today and speak to an appliance expert about your options. We will continue to provide the latest information about delivery times and product availability.



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