The Coronavirus Impact
Issue #2: “A 4 Month Wait For My New Appliance? WHY??" 

Disruptions in the appliance supply chain have created a 3 to 4 month wait period on many orders, as factories deal with delays brought on by COVID-19.

An oven that cooks; a fridge that keeps food cold; washing machines that work; we take them for granted until they break. Something else we may take for granted? Being able to buy a new one when they do. “It’s crazy times we’re in right now, where the availability of appliances is really, really poor,” said Brad Shelton, Sales Manager at Mountain High Appliance. “It’s a supply chain issue, it’s a world-wide issue. Products that come from the U.S., a lot of their parts and components come from overseas.” 

“The Asian economies were hit in particular by the lockdown, so there was a period of six to eight weeks when nobody in Asia was making steel,” says Tom Derry, CEO of the Institute for Supply Management, an industry group in Tempe, Ariz. “All of that adds up to months of backlog.”

Then, say experts, consider the specific nature of appliances and consumers’ needs for exact measurements and features.

“The more specific a product is in the supply chain context, the harder it will be to accommodate shocks in the supply chain,” said Scott DuHadway, an assistant professor of Supply Chain Management for Portland State University. Unlike toilet paper and other generic products, DuHadway said the appliance supply chain will take longer to adjust to current demand. People are home more and they’re wearing out their appliances, faster. Also, many people are choosing to remodel their kitchens at the same time. “As consumers, we have to recognize—what are our needs, and what are our wants,” said DuHadway. “And how do we balance those with what’s available within the market?”

Shelton said unless he has a specific item in stock, ordering it now requires a lead time of eight to twelve weeks. Before the pandemic, he said they’d have it in no more than a week. In the meantime, his staff is doing everything they can to help customers.

“We are selling floor models, we are selling anything we can to make sure that people get products that are able to cook and sanitize their dishes and clothes right now … it’s a very challenging time and it does not look like we will see much improvement for another 6 or so months.

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So, How can consumers actually get their hands on an appliance?

Local, independent appliance retailers typically have a smaller pool of customers than the “big box”stores, and thus, a better supply-demand balance for the appliances they sell. Buying local also means buying personal. Mountain High Appliance, for example, is staffed with experienced, knowledgeable salespeople who specialize in major appliances, and will always provide honest information about delivery times and product availability.


Mountain High Appliance has an ever-changing inventory of hundreds of products available in our clearance center. You’ll find brand name cooktops, ranges, wall ovens, warming drawers, microwaves, dishwashers, refrigerators, washers and dryers, ventilation systems & more, ready to take home immediately.

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