Feel free to skip ahead for the fun stuff, but keep in mind that when you're looking to choose your next range, the first thing you're going to want to figure out is what size range you can accommodate. If you're replacing an old range, then you will more than likely have to buy a range with the same dimensions. If you are still in the early stages of a kitchen remodel or new home build, this may be something that you can talk with your designer or builder about.

If you love to cook and want your kitchen to show it, a high-end range is the perfect option. They are longer lasting and add more to the value of the home than other ranges. The hard part is deciding which one is right for you.

It's impossible to choose a model that will work well in every kitchen, but we will walk you through the process and give a few examples of some of the best high-end ranges in 2022.


Range Aesthetics

What do you want your kitchen to look like? What is the feel or mood that you are going for? Perhaps you are replacing an old range, and in that case, your kitchen already has a certain feel and you're going to want to find a range that matches that feel so it doesn't look out of place.

Do you have a stainless-steel fridge? Or a white fridge? Not to say that your range has to be identical to your other appliances, but just keep in mind how your kitchen as a whole will look once it's all together.

If you're getting all new appliances, an appliance package can ensure that everything will end up matching seamlessly. But creating a unique kitchen with different brands that all blend seamlessly together is an enjoyable experience in its own right.

Range Features

When considering a range, you're going to want to decide what type you're most comfortable cooking with (and also what your kitchen can accommodate).

Electric ranges are easy to clean and use, gas ranges let you cook the classic way, with an open flame, induction ranges offer a whole new way to cook and combine some of the benefits of gas and electric. If you can hook up your range to both gas and electric, a dual-fuel range is a great option to consider, featuring a gas stovetop and an electric oven which allows for faster and more even cooking.

Convection ovens are now standard on most ranges. But not all of them have true convection and extra heating elements. Some manufacturers, like Bertazzoni, now make infra-red broilers that take up the entire width of the oven and are ideal for searing multiple dishes or one large dish evenly.

Another thing to keep in mind is that ranges are getting smarter. Take the Miele HR16223I, which features a great example of advanced programming called "MasterChef." This range comes with hundreds of ready-made recipes to help you easily get the perfect results for whatever dish you're cooking.

True Luxury Range

No talk on high-end ranges would be complete without looking at GE's luxury line - Monogram. The quality and richness of Monogram premium appliances are unmatched in the market. This high-end company has a wide range of kitchen and cleaning appliances that will make your house seem and feel more luxurious. While Monogram's minimalist collection features a pairing of cooktops and ovens, the statement collection goes for the look of a true chef's kitchen with dual-fuel or all gas ranges.

While Monogram's ranges have similar features to some of our other ranges mentioned, such as wi-fi connectivity, where they truly stand out is in the details. Take their 30" All Gas Professional Range for example, which features solid brass burners and knobs. This range not only offers the functionality that would make any chef jealous, but it also stands out in the kitchen like a work of art.

Commitment To Quality

It's not a small thing to be able to count on your range. Most reputable brands offer long warranties that cover their products in case they break or have other problems. When a brand offers this kind of warranty, it usually means they are confident in the quality of its products. Signature Kitchen Suites, for example, offers a limited three-year warranty with a 5-day repair promise.

Signature Kitchen Suites’ 6-inch Dual-Fuel Pro Range with Sous Vide and Induction is a thing of beauty, offering an electric oven, plus gas AND induction cooktops. That's just the beginning though, this high-end range features sous vide built right into the cooktop.


To Boil It Down

When looking for your next luxury range make sure to keep in mind what your kitchen can accommodate. What fuel type, what size, etc. If applicable, talk with your contractor or designer about this.

Next, think about the style. How is your range going to fit in with the rest of your kitchen? Or maybe, how is the rest of your kitchen going to fit in with your range!

Features are important as well. Whether it’s the detail and craftsmanship of Monogram, the jaw-dropping features of Signature Kitchen Suites' latest high-end ranges, or the mystique & tradition of a brand like Bertazzoni, you should spend some time looking through all that these unique vendors have to offer.

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