If you are an outdoor cooking enthusiast, you’ve probably heard about Kamado grills. Kamado Grills are a versatile option that delivers exceptional flavor and precise heat control. With its roots tracing back to ancient Asian cooking traditions from over 3,000 years ago, the Kamado grill has emerged as a contemporary favorite among outdoor cooking enthusiasts.

In this blog, our grill experts at Mountain High will go over the basics of Kamado grills, their benefits, and how they are different from regular charcoal grills. They will also feature some models that are worth considering if you are currently shopping for one. Let’s dive in!


What Is a Kamado Grill?

The Kamado grill, derived from the Japanese word for "stove," is a traditional ceramic cooking device. It is known for its exceptional heat retention and distribution capabilities. This charcoal-fueled grill has undergone various transformations over the years, combining age-old design principles with modern technology.

The unique construction of the Kamado grill, often made of ceramic, enables it to trap heat and moisture, resulting in succulent, flavorful dishes. Additionally, its efficient use of charcoal ensures both energy savings and an enhanced grilling experience.

Benefits of Using a Kamado Grill

One of the key advantages of utilizing a Kamado grill is its versatility in cooking. Whether you're in the mood for slow-smoked meats, perfectly seared steaks, or even homemade pizzas, the Kamado grill would be an excellent choice for these meals, thanks to its adaptable design.

Additionally, the exceptional temperature control and retention capabilities of the Kamado grill set it apart from most conventional grills. This feature allows for precise adjustments in cooking temperatures, making it an ideal choice for both amateur cooks and experienced chefs striving for excellent results.

Finally, the materials used in Kamado grills aid in the absorption and circulation of smoke, resulting in an infusion of rich, smoky flavors that enhance the overall taste profile of the prepared dishes.

Difference between Kamado Grills and Charcoal Grills

While both Kamado grills and traditional charcoal grills operate using charcoal, their fundamental design and functionality differ significantly. Kamado grills, thanks to their construction, excel in heat retention, allowing for more consistent cooking temperatures and reduced charcoal consumption.

On the other hand, conventional charcoal grills lack the superior insulation properties of Kamado grills, often leading to temperature fluctuations and less efficient use of charcoal during the cooking process.

Understanding the Charcoal Used in Kamado Grills

When it comes to the charcoal used in Kamado grills, there are various types available, each offering distinct characteristics that can impact the flavor profile of the cooked food. Hardwood lump charcoal is a popular choice, and what we would recommend. Hardwood lump charcoal is known for its natural composition and ability to produce high temperatures, ideal for searing meats and achieving that coveted charred exterior.

Maintenance Tips for Kamado Grills

To ensure the longevity and optimal performance of your Kamado grill, regular maintenance is essential. This includes thorough cleaning of your grill after each use, ensuring that any residual ash or grease is removed to prevent any potential damage or deterioration of the grill's interior.

Additionally, safeguarding the ceramic components from extreme temperature fluctuations and physical impact is crucial in preserving the grill's structural integrity over time. Protective Kamado covers can be used to shield your grill from harsh weather conditions when not in use, further prolonging its lifespan.

Top Favorite Kamado Grills

Blaze 20-Inch Cast Aluminum Kamado (BLZ20KAMADO)

Why We Love It: Blaze presents the first-ever Kamado grill in the industry crafted from solid cast aluminum, with a thickness of up to 1 1/4 inches! This unique all-aluminum structure ensures unmatched strength and endurance, while also delivering the excellent temperature control and heat retention that Kamado grills are renowned for.

The non-absorbent grill body allows for the use of any charcoal or wood fuel and supports various ignition methods without any concern of harm to the unit. With a cast aluminum body, stainless steel cooking grids, and a lifetime warranty covering all components, the Blaze Kamado grill guarantees durability and peace of mind for years to come.

Kalamazoo Shokunin Kamado Grill (KSHOK430)

Why We Love It: Shokunin Kamado Grill by Kalamazoo Outdoor Gourmet combines traditional Kamado-style barbecue elements with innovative design enhancements, ensuring enhanced cooking versatility and convenience. With an extended grill body depth, it provides a more even and gentle heat distribution, perfect for smoking. Its rectangular shape facilitates cooking with an offset fire, while the inclusion of four strategically positioned shutters allows for precise temperature regulation.

This modern stainless steel Kamado design facilitates grilling, roasting, and smoking, all on a single grill, opening up a world of flavor possibilities. The Shokunin Kamado Grill is available in marine-grade stainless steel, promising durability and longevity.


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Frequently Asked Questions: Kamado Grills

Are Kamado grills suitable for beginners?
Absolutely! Kamado grills are known for their user-friendly design and versatile cooking capabilities, making them an excellent choice for both amateur and experienced grillers.

How often should I clean my Kamado grill?
It's advisable to clean your Kamado grill thoroughly after each use to maintain its performance and prolong its lifespan. Regular maintenance ensures optimal cooking results and prevents any potential issues caused by residue buildup.

What additional accessories are compatible with Kamado grills?
Depending on the model, Kamado grills support a range of accessories such as heat deflectors, grill covers, cooking racks, and temperature controllers. These accessories enhance the cooking versatility and convenience of your grilling endeavors.

How do I know which Kamado grill size is suitable for my needs?
Assessing your cooking requirements and available space is crucial in determining the ideal size of the Kamado grill. Consider the number of people you typically cook for and the frequency of use to select a size.

Are Kamado grills better than gas grills?
The answer depends on what you are trying to accomplish. However, Kamado grills are an outstanding option for smoking, grilling, or slow roasting.