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  • Samsung's Chef Collection

    Posted on March 26, 2015

    World-Class Kitchens Inspired by World-Class Chefs

    The new Samsung Chef Collection was designed in collaboration with three world-renowned chefs. Inspired by their insight and expertise, Samsung has revolutionized the way you store, prepare, and present your favorite foods. See how it all comes together to create an exceptional kitchen.

    Chef Collection French 4-Door Refrigerator - RF34H9960S4

    Samsung 34 cu.ft. ultra-high capacity 4-door, french-door refrigerator. This premium Chef Collection refrigerator is inspired by Master Chef's insights with the sophisticated cook in mind. Indulge your inner gourmet with a state-of-the art refrigerator that offers constant temperature control, innovative features and premium design. This refrigerator features triple cooling, metal cooling, star display and humidity-controlled crispers.

    Lovers of sparkling water, rejoice! No more lugging heavy bottles or wasting fridge space just to enjoy cold, fizzy refreshment. This Samsung refrigerator features built-in carbonation for convenient sparkling water on demand. Now you can add your own flavors and adjust the level of carbonation to create bubbly beverage favorites at the touch of a button. Leave the expense and effort of bottled sparkling in the past—and make extra time for the things that matter most.

    The Fridge-in-Freezer in the Samsung Chef Collection refrigerator was designed for the ultimate in food storage flexibility. Depending on your culinary needs, the bottom right door can be converted from a refrigerator to freezer with four easy-to-control temperature settings - Fridge at 41°F, Chilled at 30°F, Soft Freeze at 23°F, and Frozen at -9° to 1°F.

    The Chef Mode preserves the delicious, natural texture and flavor of food by minimizing the temperature fluctuation. By setting the fridge at 36°F, it automatically adjusts the Chef Pantry to 30°F, which is perfect for fish and meat. Fruit and vegetables stay fresh in Crisper Drawers. You can safely store ham, sausage and any smoked food separately in the Chef Basket.

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    Chef Collection Induction Range - NE58H9970WS

    Samsung Chef Collection induction 5.8 cu.ft. slide-in electric range. This range provides a faster, safer and more Precise way to cook compared to gas and electric cooktops. The induction system directly transfers energy to the cookware, which means it’s faster and more accurate than any other method of cooking. So you can instantly adjust the heat to a low simmer for delicate foods or rapidly bring water to the boil and the cooking surface stays cool to touch except the area where the cookware is on.

    The Samsung Induction range’s flat cooktop is extremely easy to keep clean. The completely smooth ceramic glass is difficult to get dirty, and any spills or splashes can be quickly wiped away with a soft cloth.

    The Samsung Induction range has a massive 5.8 cu. ft. capacity oven. So, if you’re preparing a meal for a large family gathering or party, you can cook multiple dishes at once, like trays of cookies or various casserole dishes. Especially as it also has three oven racks – two wire and one gliding. And it can easily accommodate large items, like a big roast or holiday turkey.

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    Chef Collection Microwave - ME21H9900AS

    Samsung 2.1 cu.ft. over-the-range microwave with Pro-Clean filter. Samsung Chef Collection microwave is inspired by chef's insights and features sensor cook technology that automatically adjusts power levels so that cooking defrosting and reheating is perfect every time.

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    Chef Collection Dishwasher - DW80H9970US

    This Samsung Chef Collection built-in dishwasher features a WaterWall system, so you can be sure your dishes are washed evenly and thoroughly. An upper rack, lower rack and 3rd rack with FlexTray provide ample, flexible space.

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  • The Battle Between Top Load and Front Load Washers

    Posted on March 25, 2015

    Are you Team Top Load or Team Front Load? Both types of washers will clean your clothes, but most Americans hold a strong opinion on which will clean their clothes the best. And rightfully so -- the average American spends $1,500 a year on clothes; protecting that investment with the best washer on the market is important!

    When front-loaders were first introduced a few years ago, Americans were in love with the promise of water and energy efficiency compared to their top-load nemesis. Unfortunately, first generation front-loaders did not live up to that promise, and consumers returned back to their trusted top-loaders. 

    Many of the issues in first generation front-loaders were solved in successive generations. Top load washers have also increased their energy efficiency, putting up a fair fight against the front-loaders. Today, both front load washers and top load washers have money and time saving features!

    Top Load Washers

    Traditional Top Load Washers
    Most people are used to traditional top load washers because it's familiar and reliable. Traditional top-loaders can last up to 12 years, proving their reliability. These top loaders use an agitator that sticks up through the middle of the wash basket. The agitator turns your clothes over, while the wash basket spins and extracts water.

    High-Efficiency (HE) Washers
    HE top load washers offer the traditional look of the top-loader with the energy efficiency of the front-loaders. HE top-loaders come without the agitator, allowing more room in the wash basket for laundry. The spin mechanism is faster so your clothes are left dryer. The HE top-loader also uses less detergent and water than the traditional top-loader.

    Front Load Washers

    Unlike the top-loader, the wash basket in a front-loader is set horizontally, and uses gravity to pull water through clothes. The wash basket never has to fully fill with water, meaning your clothes get clean using a third less water than top load washers. Front load washers almost double the speed of the wash basket compared to the top-loader. This leaves less water in your clothes, which shortens the amount of time your dryer needs to run. Front load washers do not have an agitator, so you have more room for laundry.

    Although front load washers will save you more time and money on utilities down the road, they still cost more upfront than top load washers. They are also low to the ground and allow for multiple configurations including stacking and the use of pedestals.

    Only you can decide what team to root for. Ultimately, it comes down to the size of your loads, cost, energy efficiency, and water savings. If you still need help deciding if you're Team Top Load or Team Front Load, talk to one of our highly-trained sales professionals today.

  • Bosch Benchmark Display Progress Photos

    Posted on March 24, 2015

    Our Bosch Benchmark display is coming along one brick at a time!

    Read more about the Bosch Benchmark Series here.

    Posted in Store Updates | Tagged Bosch, Bosch Benchmark
  • This Week's Kitchen Secret

    Posted on March 23, 2015

    This week's kitchen secret features a custom home bar and wine display for the wine enthusiast. Floating shelves and a custom wine rack turns your wine collection into a work of art! The Jenn-Air undercounter wine refrigeration is perfect for chilling wine with dual temperature controls.

    Home bar designed by Design Magnifique, Inc. For more information on this week's kitchen secret, visit Houzz.

  • Behold The New Black

    Posted on March 20, 2015

    KitchenAid is reimagining the kitchen in 2015 with a bold, sophisticated design for creative cooks.

    The new KitchenAid suite is an entirely new line of products built upon the success of the Architect Series II. This suite was inspired by suggestions from passionate home cooks, chefs, design experts, and trade influencers. April 2015 will mark the beginning of a new era for KitchenAid Brand Major Appliances. The new suite will replace Architect Series II and the Pro Line Series.

    The new suite features:

    - Visual details and tactile elements that enhance the product experience.

    -  An innovative new "black stainless finish" will change the look of kitchens forever (the classic stainless steel finish will remain available).

    - Well-crafted products, such as refrigeration, cooking products, and dishwashers that deliver superior performance.

    Stay tuned for more details.


    Reference: KitchenAid Inside Advantage

    Posted in Brand News | Tagged design, cooking, KitchenAid

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